Thursday, 17 March 2016


My sleep appears to have returned to normal, for which I am so very grateful. Maybe the time change helped. Am I the only person in the universe happy about the time change?

I am also thirsty, all the time, which means I am peeing, all the time. People at work are going to start asking me questions.

Other than that, I feel just fine. Occasional cramps, but way more mild than anything I ever had with my period. So while I'm not happy about cramps, I'm not all that upset about them either.

Maybe I won't get sick? That would be nice. But then how would I be sure I was really pregnant? Oh yeah, perhaps that ultrasound that I'm having in 12 days. (All I do is wait!)

I set up an appointment with the local midwife clinic today. I know I haven't yet been released from the fertility clinic, but midwives around here book up quickly. Good thing I called, because my first appointment is a month away. But since I've had all the bloodwork done pre-IVF and since the fertility clinic is doing my first scan and everything, and won't let me go until they know everything is working, the wait is just fine with me. Glad I got in with the clinic I wanted!

A close family friend is a doula. She's actually one of the very first people I told, so that she could tell me where to go for midwifery. I'm thrilled that she will be able to assist me for birth. Still not quite sure what a doula does, as the few articles I've read are a bit vague, but having this friend there is the closest thing I can get to having my mom there, so doula services it is.

This is a very random post, but I feel a bit random today. Scattered, like I should run around and chase all the bits of my brain and shove them back into the places they belong. Ah well. A couple more hours and I'll be 5 weeks! That's exciting!!!

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