Sunday, 20 March 2016

Dating my "LMP"

Everyone (by which I mean a couple of apps, but even the midwife clinic wanted it; I said "Well, that won't help very much cuz I did IVF, but...") wants to know the date of my last menstrual period ("LMP") so they can calculate my due date. But for those of us who had messed up cycles due to IVF, LMP won't help. I figured out my due date with the help of an IVF website, then found out that most sites add 280 days to LMP to get due date so I subtracted 380 from my due date to get a fake "LMP" that I can use where I have to type in something.

In the process I came across this amazing calculator, which is not the one I initially used, but one I like much better. I love this one because it tells me neat things like how my baby's heart begins to beat today! (Ok, so the heart tubes start to contract. Still, exciting!)

Embryo Development
Cardiac Contraction Begins
March 20, 2016
Limb Buds Forming
March 24, 2016
End Embryo Stage
April 08, 2016

Fetal Development
U/S Heartbeat Detected
April 01, 2016
Brainwaves Begin
April 14, 2016
Essential Structures Complete
April 22, 2016
Movement Begins
May 20, 2016
Fetus May Suck Thumb
July 15, 2016
Maternal Sounds Recognized
July 29, 2016

I find this chart a bit confusing though...

Trimester Stages

by Development by Gestation by Conception
Begin 2nd Trimester
May 06, 2016
Begin 2nd Trimester
May 16, 2016
Begin 2nd Trimester
May 25, 2016
Begin 3rd Trimester
August 19, 2016
Begin 3rd Trimester
August 17, 2016
Begin 3rd Trimester
August 22, 2016

So strange, the wide variation in starting the 2nd trimester but much less variation in starting the 3rd. I'm lost.

Anyway, awesome site that I recommend if you haven't already checked it out!

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